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90s Kids Shared Golden Things Of Their Childhood & It Will Make Even You Nostalgic. #90sKidsRumors
Change is the only constant thing in this world and every generation feels that their childhood time was the best. With the advancement in technology, new products are coming in the market which are making our lives easy and enjoyable but because of them, we are losing the feeling of personal touch.

#90sKidsRumors was trending on Twitter and people from the 90s were sharing some special things or rumors from their childhood. They are talking about the TV serials that they watched, favourite toffees, games which were played by them and also about many rumors that were considered true by the kids of that era.

Many used to believe that if they eat or swallow the seeds of watermelon, a tree will grow in the stomach while slam books have also been an important part of students’ lives. The kids of 90s used to play book cricket in class while today it is difficult to find the kids of today in the ground because most of them prefer to play video games.

No kid of 90s can forget how important serial Shaktimaan was for them and missing an episode of it was something that a 90s kid would never even think of doing. Some children even believed that if they were in trouble, Shaktimaan would come and save them.
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