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Hi, I am Hannan Fatima, Today I have a question for you! can you guess? What does it mean for the students to find there voice? a voice which is trending between the students? Having the courage to speak up? Expressing your opinions more often? Having opinions in the first place? Or is it more than that? “The each and every students have there own fingerprint, their own ideology, So every student have there own trending voice,”!!!

But, still question arises that, Does students have the perfect platform to showup there trending voice between the competitive generation of students? 

So, To show up there rising trending voice of students, We have made the platform for trending students to show up there trending voice.
Here, the students can prepare an article which shows up there ideology there views and that we will be presented in front of the world, so that will mean the trending students got the trending voice.

The Trending students platform would be much beneficial to students to present there trending voice such as.....

* Practice positive reinforcement.
* Allow for creative expression.
* Students will get more discussion time to explore and develop their ideas.
* Writing in the voice of a character.
* Help students find their passion.
* Showcase inspiring stories.
* Recognize those who speak out.
* Provide a platform.
* Help students elaborate and dig deeper.
* Expose students to radical ideas.

This is what the TRENDING STUDENTS platform is made for please be free to showup students trending voice, so that the students will be getting there own trending voice.

Did you thought? why this question came in my mind? I will tell you, there was a time where I use to be a student...still i am student:> but when i was in school or junior college, i was having some kind of Enthusiasm or we can call it eagerness about presenting my voice or showup myself between the audience but i never got that platform to show what is the students power! i know very well that every student have talent and have the eagerness to show there power, aftercall being very much concerned about students power, we have made this platform which is known has "TRENDINGSTUDENTS.COM" so that they can get the chance to present there Trending voice in between the world.

I can be reached by email on Please do write your`suggestions and advice your feedback is very valuable for me Thanks  have a good & blissful day !!!
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